The photographic series “If Everything Around Seems Dark, Look Again”, attempts to capture the vital relationship between human beings and nature, where nature serves as a safe environment and functions as a temporary refuge for those who seek moments of freedom, to escape the madness of the oppressive modern world, and to connect with something deeper. This escape may offer temporary relief, yet the problem persists.

Through its dysfunctionality, the modern way of living appears inhospitable, competitive, and unsustainable towards youth. The violence erupting at multiple levels, combined with simultaneous and successive crises faced by the members of society through the years, result in increasing problems of anxiety, depression, and further deterioration of mental health. The outcomes of this current socio-political situation, dominant in developed worlds, leave many members of society living in a state of exhaustion and constant struggle, where feelings of frustration, disorientation, incapacity, futility, and insecurity prevail.

The project presents individuals isolated from the urban environment and immersed in nature, in moments of collapse, gathering, redemption, witnessing their desperate desire to feel that they belong somewhere and feel safe. Simultaneously, it highlights the need to regain our relationship with the body and nature.

It's worth questioning how it has become acceptable for so many people, especially so many young people, to experience mental disorders at some point in their lives. Are these individuals more vulnerable compared to other members of society? Is there an inability to adapt to new realities? Could it be a healthy reaction to an unhealthy environment? Perhaps it's not enough to bring visibility to this issue, but to understand the causes and reconsider our lifestyle in order to perceive who ultimately suffers.

If everything around seems dark, look again.